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It is advisable to make the case hole into which the unit is inserted as shown below:
When assembling two or three units, connect □MAD or P(S) type output shape D to the input side, and □MLD or other input shape L to another unit.
Type LGU85

Nominal reduction ratio 4
Actual reduction ratio
Maximun torque
Weight(g) 1030
Temperature range (℃)
Input shape Involute serration shaft
Output shape Involute spline hole
Input shaft penetration Q1 -
Output shaft penetration P 12
Fitting J Key1-Width8×Depth1.5
Directional size of diameter φA 85
B -
φC Casing diameter (75)
φD 70
φE 31
φF 32
Directional size of shaft L1 51.15
L2 25
L3 36.65
M 11.65
N 4.5
O 3.65
Q2 14.5
R 1
Accessory Accessory
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