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Basic Principles
In order to protect the global environment which is irreplaceable asset for all mankind and to pass it on to the next generation, Matex gives sufficient consideration to the environment in all our business activities and is committed to environmental conservation positively and continually.
Environmental Policy
In order to reduce environmental impact by our products and all our business activities related to R&D, manufacturing and sales of the planetary gears, mechatronics, electronic devices, material processing and plastic injection molding, Matex aims to maintain harmony with global environment by exercising environmental management activities based on the following policies;
1. We are aware of environmental impact by our business activities, products and services. And we are committed to prevent environmental pollution and make continuous improvement of our environmental management activities.
2. We abide by environmental laws, regulations and other requirements related to our business activities, products and services. (Legal compliance)
3. In relation to environmental impact by our business activities, products and services, we remain committed to environmental management activities with the following priority themes;
  (1) Elimination and reduction of use of substances in our products, which may give impact on the global environment.(RoHS compliant)
  (2) Reduction of industrial waste
  (3) Vigorous participation in beautification activities in and around our plants as well as in the environmental activities in local community.
4. We make this Environmental Policy known to all our employees and publicize it outside of the company proactively in order for each employee to exercise an environmental load-reduction activities.
5. We actively participate in environmental improvement activities in local community.
In order to achieve the above environmental policy, we operate and supervise properly the environmental management system by setting a goal and reviewing it regularly.

Feb-1 2010
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