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Code of Ethics

We set the following goals in order for each individual to raise self-awareness as professional as well as to acquire competency, which enables us to proceed adequate work process through receiving necessary guidance.

  1. To have self-awareness to be a professional and a sensible member of society based on the work standard in each department such as General Affairs, R&D, Engineering, Production and Business Development.
  2. To make every effort to give sufficient ethical consideration in division of individual duties.
  3. To persevere in self-training which enables us to carry out our duties in depth.
  4. To be able to find problems and tasks in relation to ethics.
  5. To act always with high sensibility.
  6. To make every effort to be a person who can exercise leadership in relation to ethics issues.

Code of Labor

We set the following goals in order to improve the productivity and to secure profit through managing personnel which is the foundation of the growth of the entity.

  1. Putting an importance on personality of each employee, to exercise labor control which is well balanced between the requirements of the entity and workload of the employees.
  2. To focus on establishing the system which always enables the entity to take full advantage of ability of each employee.
  3. To foster spirit and culture of company which enables the entity to make contribution to the society by developing new products and securing profit amid globalized and severe economic framework and industrial structure.
  4. To provide maximum support and assistance to improve motivation to work of each employee.
  5. To ensure that the right person is assigned to the right position.
  6. To devote much effort to create a pleasant and rewarding working environment.
  7. To keep everyone both labor and management informed about the fact that the goal of labor management is to form mutually supportive relationship between management and employees.
  8. To enhance the compliance with the laws and regulations.
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