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Development and Production
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Design Development and Production of Electrical Operation Mechanism

Matex totally conducts mass production, and leads to the realization of specifications demand on mechanism. Matex pursuits not only the manufacture of components but also the product development of high-value added by hyphenated technique in order to meet the specifications required by the customers in the world.

To Specialize in any and all Materials and Components

Since Matex gets accustomed to the use of know-how on a variety of materials and components such as plastics, sinters and die-castings, it is capable of combining them with mechanism (products).

To Operate in Line with Motors
  Matex is now making a shift from a stance of taking charge of gear production under motor manufacturers°« initiative to the manufacture of products exerting traction on the design
development of total mechanism including related products of motors at the initiative of Matex with a goal of manufacturing the products derived from gears in large quantity.

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