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Precision Injection Molding
- World quality from Matex based on 60 years of trust. -
  Production Injection Molding Department is ready to meet the needs of our customers
ranging from the process of integrated order of designing, molding and commercial
production to assembling of various type of plastic injection molded products.
Matex has obtained ISO9001 certification in any manufacturing facilities of Japan, China and the Philippines.

In the Pursuit of further Degree of Accuracy


Helical Gears
Ejector pressure compression molding improves gear precision even more.
Gear precision: AGMA Class 10-11 or equivalent


Ultra-compact Planetary Gear Module System
Matex is now advancing development of Plastic Injection Molded Ultra-compact Planetary Gear Module System, and in addition, in terms of the design and the manufacture of molds, Matex is also working on research and development of self-manufacture in house.
Actual Achievment Example: Dimensional O.D.: 5mm, M=0.1
Gear Efficiency: 85% attained at a single reduction
(Refer to the photo on the right)

Spiral bevel gears
Furthermore, we are able to manufacture spiral bevel gears.
Gear Molding
  Precision gears offered as the components for feed paper of printers acquire high reputation for our reliable and punctual delivery system of components employing just-in-time production system. Our manufacturing facilities in the Philippines received an excellent vendor award.
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