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Easy clamps are widely used as die mounting fixtures.
A single bolt can accommodate four different thicknesses, and thicknesses can be changed quickly. As a result, they are widely supported by our customers.

Application Examples:
- Injection
- General pressing
- Die-casting
1. A single bolt allows installation on four different thicknesses, which means that several types of bolts no longer need to be prepared.
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2. Bolts can be installed and removed just by turning them 0.5 to 1 turn, reducing the required work time.
3. Commercial mold bases can be accommodated by quick, one-touch operation.
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During attachment and detachment of dies (e.g. to replace die plates on horizontal molding machines), the clamping washers are vertically oriented at all times, which makes it easier to remove and insert the body from the side.

This facilitates installation and removal, and reduces work time.

5. The block can be slid out and installed when there is little space for the die plate.
This instantly solves your problems.
6. As the block has a wide installation area, the die plate and bolt holes are not damaged.
This is particularly effective when heat insulating plates are used.
7. As the body and block are joined by links and are held in constant contact by springs, dies can be attached and detached easily without parts being lost.
8. Also, the threads of die plate screws are not damaged as bolts are tightened vertically.
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