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MATEX(R) Planetary Gear Module System
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Proprietary Patented Mechanisms Achieve Downsized High-Torque Transmission, High Efficiency and Low Noise

  MATEX is the top manufacturer of planetary gear module systems in terms of number of units manufactured. It also has an extensive track record in automobile parts, machinery and home electric appliances, and conducts commissioned development and production matched to customers' specifications. Today planetary gears are required to be more compact, more lightweight, quieter, and made of plastic. In this business climate, we have applied many years of R&D to attain the high-level requirements of our customers. We have a thorough knowledge of plastics, die-casting, sintered alloys, forging, rolling, and machining. As a result, we can develop and manufacture optimum shape gear reducers ideally matched to customers needs through size, performance, strength, and price.
  Structure of MATEX R Planetary Gear Module System
1. Internal gear
2. Sun gear
3. Planetary roller
4. Planetary gear
5. Carrier A
6. Carrier B
7. Planetary shaft(P shaft)
  By combining plastic injection molding, sintered alloy, forging, and
machining technologies, we have made available a lineup of products matched
to customers' needs that are outstanding in terms of precision, strength and
Products are also made in a modular configuration, which makes them easy to
handle and assemble. You can select the desired reduction ratio just by
combining these modules.

Structure of MATEX R Planetary Gear Module System
1. Efficiency The first in industry to achieve 98% efficiency at a single reduction, 95% efficiency at a second reduction, and smaller drive sources.
2. Low noise Gear noise is eliminated by a special mechanism for holding the planetary load, which results in no change in noise due to load fluctuations.
3. Load equalization The disadvantages of planetary gears have been eliminated by a load equalization mechanism.
4. High Torque Modules incorporating the planetary equalization holding mechanism can be made more compact and produce higher torque.
5. Modular gear design Gear specifications are no longer subject to acceptance inspection. Installation is on a concentric axis, making it ideal for product design.
6. Extensive range of models / gear reducers Combining standard modules (1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/7) provides a wide range of reduction ratios.
7. Optimal specifications We can develop and manufacture specially designed reduction (or speed-up) gears based on customer specifications, with diverse parts made of the optimum materials (metals, plastics, etc.)


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