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MATEX(R) Planetary Gear Module System
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Features of our products

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Power tools
  Example: Electric screw-driver, Hand drill, etc.
Differential mechanism
  Example: Wind power generator, etc.
Motor roller
  Example: Electric massaging tools, Electric shutter, Electric window shade, Electric vacuum power brush head, etc.
Geared motor
Industrial machine drive
  Example: Industrial machine drive (Motorlized wheels, Which, Automatic door, etc.)
Stepless reduction gear
  Example: Conveyer, etc.
Differential gear
  Example: Take-up machine, Winding machine, Paper manufacturing machine, etc.
  Example: Winch, etc.
Built-in type speed reduction unit
  Example: Laundry machine drive, etc.
Built-in type speed reduction unit
  Example: Electric assist bicycle drive, etc.
Linear motion actuator
  Example: Electric bed for care, Electric reclining chair, etc.
Movable center core type gear head
High speed-up gear / High reduction gear
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