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MATEX(R) Planetary Gear Module System
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Matex Planetary Gear Module System
-No.1 Production Volume in the Industry -
  Proprietary patented mechanism achieves down-sized high-torque transmission, high efficiency and low noise.
  Our broad lineup of standard products, quality, short delivery times and fair prices will answer customers’ extensive needs in various fields.

Matex Planetary Gear Module System is the leading product of Matex.

In 1972, amid the high-growth period of the Japanese economy, the research and development of the Matex Planetary Gear started to meet the needs of the age. Despite of hardships encountered, Matex completed the current mechanism of planetary gear module system.

From Metals to Plastics

At the beginning of commercialization, our plastic gears were not easily accepted in the market although they were developed as industrial products. By virtue of persistent technical sales activities, Matex gears were finally adopted by a major consumer-electronics manufacturer. Then, Matex brand spread to other manufacturers rapidly. Matex excels not only at the gears combining a various materials ranging from metals to plastics but also at entrusted development and manufacturing based on customers’ specifications.

In Pursuit of Further Accuracy


Planetary gears have been required to be more compact, more lightweight, quieter and made of plastics. In this climate, Matex has a longstanding expertise in R&D and attained to meet high-level requirements of the customers. We are proud of proven track records and accumulation of knowhow. Matex yet pursues further accuracy in manufacturing gears.


Achievement Example:
 ・Outer diameter : 5mm, M=0.1
 ・Gear Efficiency : 88% attained at a single reduction
  (see photo on the right)

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