Matex supplies a wide variety of planetary gear reducers/increasers/transmissions and electric actuators.

Message from the President・CEO

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Message from the President・CEO


Matex is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020, when Tokyo Olympic Games are held. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all our valued customers in Japan and overseas who have been loyal as well as to all the staff who have shared joys and sorrows for almost a century. In 2021, the second century of Matex group will begin. Today globalization accelerates tremendously and the conventional national order is going to collapse, while the new order is not yet visible amidst increasing uncertainty in the world along with the reaction against such social trends. In such circumstances, only science and technology are evolving exponentially. AI technology will be applied in every field including personal lives, robots will be used quite commonly in society and at home.

While the world situation changes in drastic way, but Matex never fears from failure nor stops. We dare to take risks courageously and embrace challenges without flinching from the raging waves of the times.
Since our foundation in 1921, we have put a focus on exports and especially for these two decades we have been committed to expand overseas production vigorously. Under the cooperate vision of our group ‘as a flexible manufacturer and trading company to deal with growing markets in the world’, in recent years we actively develop new businesses with leading companies in U.S., Europe and Asia. And leveraging our extensive experiences in planetary gears and actuators, we take on a challenge to develop small high precision gear with high reduction ratio and aim to become a company supporting the fast-growing robot world with the exclusive mechanical technology.

Focusing our attention and view onto the world’s advanced technology and growing markets, we will devote to plan, develop and produce new technology and our own products in Japan as well as overseas. In addition, we aim to expand our global trade as a manufacturer and trading company and drive forward the innovation with a sense of speed. We will build a framework that enables HQ as a center of development, sales and finance and factories in Philippines and Wuxi China as sub-centers be operated as one entity and mutually complementing and effectively utilizing their respective business resources.
And we assure to provide all the customers (B to B /B to C) with safe and reliable products and services.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement to Matex Group for another 100 years.

Matex Co., Ltd.
Toshiaki MATOBA