Matex supplies a wide variety of planetary gear reducers/increasers/transmissions and electric actuators.

Example of Our Proposals &
Customer Testimonials

Customer’s Testimonials: Case-1

Customer’s problem and request:

In the development of a small linear-motion actuator for opening/closing system of automobile rear hatch, reduction mechanism was required due to the limited motor size and supply voltage.

Our proposal

Using planetary gear reduction system, we proposed the structure in the smallest size including the motor.

Feature of the product

We applied the reduction mechanism utilizing all know-how of our unit type planetary gear system and realized the downsizing of the product.

Use Application

Automotive rear hatch

Customer’s Testimonials: Case-2

Customer’s problem and request

In the development of lifting actuator for filter of package air conditioner

Our proposal

We proposed a small and lightweight actuator using special fiber thread which is strong and light.

Feature of the product

We achieved noise reduction by applying unique torque limit mechanism.

Use Application

Electric mechanism raising and lowering the filter unit of package air-conditioner