Matex supplies a wide variety of planetary gear reducers/increasers/transmissions and electric actuators.

(Commissioned Development Products)

Matex Planetary Gear Reducer

Products’ Introduction with Use applications (Commissioned Development Products)

Rotating Brush of Vacuum Cleaner

outer diameter: φ19 reduction ratio: 5

Automatic Opening Toilet Seat

outer diameter: φ21/φ26/φ30 reduction ratio: 4.857/4/4.25

Nonmagnetic planetary Gear for Measuring Machine

outer diameter: φ26 reduction ratio: 4.5

Reducer for agricultural machine

outer diameter: φ28.4 reduction ratio: 25(5×5)/64(4×4×4)

Motor Roller

outer diameter: φ37/φ36 reduction ratio: 3/4/5/7


outer diameter: φ57 reduction ratio: 155.35(6.214×5×5)

Electric Wheelchair

outer diameter: φ61.5 reduction ratio: 15.24(3.55×4.29)/12.64(3.55×3.55)

Servo Cylinder

outer diameter: φ50~120 reduction ratio: 4~9

Electric Vehicle (for in-wheel Motor)

outer diameter: φ110/φ120 reduction ratio: 10/5

Base Isolation Damper

outer diameter: φ146~224 reduction ratio: 9

Wind Power Generator

outer diameter: φ120/φ224/φ256/φ284 reduction ratio: 5/9/11

Moon Rover

outer diameter: φ75 reduction ratio: 5 material: stainless