Matex supplies a wide variety of planetary gear reducers/increasers/transmissions and electric actuators.


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Use Applications


Power assist suit robot Nursing care robot Search robot for inside of nuclear reactor  

Aerospace and Defense Equipment

Transmission for Surveillance Robot, Bomb Disposal Robot, Underwater scooter


Asphalt Finisher Go-Cart Golf Cart
Concrete pumping vehicle Car steering Snowmobile Windscreen Wiper
Marine generator Steering machine Closing device of dump truck
Electric Vehicle (Wheel-in Motor) Electric side mirror Electric Motorcycle
Electric brake Agricultural Vehicle Forklift Linear motor car

Industrial Equipment & Others

Printer Stirrer (blender, underwater stirrer) geared motor
Hoisting machine for fishing net and line Measuring instrument Machine tool Compressor
Belt conveyor Actuator Automatic taking out machine Packaging machine
Filling cutting and hanging machine for food Dust collector machine Wiredrawing machine
Water Gate Paper Processing Machine Cutting machine Textile machine
Car wash machine Grinder Electric breaker Base isolation damper
Electric Crimping Machine Electric tool Electric jack Electric cylinder
Nut runner Agricultural machines Transport cart Wind power generator
Copying machine Boring machine Pump (Quantitative, Mono, Underwater, Drill)
Hoisting machine (winch, chain block Motor Roller Welding machine
Radio control equipment Shredder    

Electric Equipment

Pruning scissors disposer Coffee mill Lawn mower
Juicer mixer Slicer Icemaker Washing machine
Vacuum cleaner (nozzle power brush) tea leaf grinder Electric bicycle
Garbage disposal machine Bread kneader Food processor Meat Grinder
Polisher (bath, toilet) rice cake making machine  

Nursing and Health Care Equipment

Lifting machine Nursing bed Bath Chare for nursing assistance Stair lifting machine
Lifting toilet Electric Wheelchair Electric three wheel vehicle Electric Four-Wheel Vehicle
Training machine Roller massager for feet Massage chair

Housing Equipment

Automatic Door Automatic Shutter Automatic Skylight Window House opener
Elevater Multistory parking space Sheet shutter