Matex supplies a wide variety of planetary gear reducers/increasers/transmissions and electric actuators.


Cycloidal Reducer

Planetary gears have many advantages, meanwhile when you require higher reduction ratio, there is a problem to end up with large thickness due to multiple layers of gears.

Thus, we developed new cycloidal reducer named "TOSCHTEC REDUCER (type-c)". We adopted cycloid system in it to achieve smaller in size and higher reduction ratio with the same thickness as conventional gear reducers.

Small robot module, Service robot, Small vehicle
Reduction Ratio: 30:1 (can be changed )

Maximum External Diameter φ79 mm x  width 37.8 mm
(reducer parts φ63 mm x width 37.8 mm)

Allowable Input Speed: 3,000 rpm
Allowable Output Torque: 12Nm
Weight: approx 540g 
Efficiency: 75% 
(when the input is 3,000 rpm and the output torque is 12Nm)

for High Speed Rotation

The recommended limit of output rotation speed of our standard products is 1,000rpm. However, we achieved to develop high-spec planetary gear which withstands to be used higher speed by making structural improvement of some types of gears.

With the above improvement, this High-Spec planetary gear can be used in wider range of applications than our previous products.

Applicable model: LGU75-M12 Series
Reduction Ratio: 4:1, 5:1
Dimension: Outer Diameter:φ75
Allowable Output Speed: 2,500rpm(4:1), 2,000rpm(5/1)
Allowable Output Torque: 25Nm(4:1) , 22Nm(5:1) *1
Weight: approx. 500g
Backlash : 1.5 degree
Efficiency: 90-95%
*1:The value is applicable at the 'Allowable Output speed' in the table.