Matex supplies a wide variety of planetary gear reducers/increasers/transmissions and electric actuators.




Do you undertake trial production including development?
Yes. Based on customers' specifications, we do from design, development to trial production. If you do not have detail yet, we would like to suggest our ideas as possible as we can
How do I select an optimal planetary gear?
You only need to enter the requirements and specs in 'How to select a gear' page, the result shows the options meeting your requirements.。

Example (PDF)

How do I fix the planetary gear unit?
Since our planetary gear units have no case, casing is separately required. Please fix the unit by using key way or convex part of the internal gear in order to stop rotating. When using planetary gear units in layers, please use a spacer, sold as optional, in between units.

List of Optional Parts (PDF)

What are the materials?
There are planetary gears with plastic (Type P), sintered alloy (Type S), metal cutting (Type M). Please contact us for the details.
What is the torque transmission efficiency of your gear units?
It varies depending on the materials and sizes, but it's about 90-95%.
Do I need to add grease?
For Type P(plastic) and S (sintered alloy) products, not necessary. They are already applied grease at assembly. You can use it without adding grease. For standard Type M (metal cutting) unit, yes, you need as it is not applied grease at assembly. Please use oil or grease depending on your applications. Please see the 【Instruction Manual & Supplemental Documents】page for the list of our recommended greases.
What are the specifications of spline serrations?
It is designed based on Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS) . JIS D 2001 for spline and JIS B 1602 for serration. Please see the 【Instruction Manual & Supplemental Documents】page for the detailed information on spline and serration.
How much backlash does planetary gear unit have?
It depends on the materials of gear, but it is approx. 3-5 degree. For the specifications with low backlash, please refer to the page Planetary Gear for Servomotor.
Can the planetary gears withstand thrust / radial loads?
No. Our planetary gears are not designed to withstand thrust and radial loads. Please design the structure to support thrust / radial loads with the case, input shaft or output shaft etc. If thrust /radial loads are applied without any supports, it causes malfunction or breakage.
Do you accept special order for customized input/output shaft?
Yes we do. Please feel free to us from here.
What is the insertion depth of the input/output shaft?
It depends on the product. Please refer to the electronic catalog of each product.
How can we know about shapes of input and output of planetary gears?
It depends on the product. Please refer to the electronic catalog of each product.
Is it possible to use it at high rotation (output rotation speed 1000 rpm or more)?
Please use the gear basically at 1,000 rpm or less (unless it is high-spec planetary gear). If the output rotation speed exceeds 1000 rpm, please consult us before you use. Please refer to this page for the High-spec Planetary Gear, which can be used with the input 10,000rpm.
What is the operating temperature range?
Please use in ambient temperature between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius. If the gear is used out of this temperature range, please consult us before you use. And, when you use plastic gear, please make sure the temperature of the gear will not exceed 65 degrees Celsius.
Please tell me the dimension of the key.
The dimension is different on each product. Please refer to the electronic catalog.
Are the CAD data on the products available?
You can download 2D CAD data (DXF format) in electronic catalog page.
Do you have deferential gear?
We do not have it as a standard product, but we have extensive experience in differential gear development as custom products.
What is the nominal reduction ratio?
It is the value to be used for convenience to categorize the products depending on reduction ratio. As it may differ from the actual reduction ratio, please refer to the actual reduction ratio shown in the electronic catalog when selecting the gears.
How long does it take for delivery?

If we have the products in stock, we can ship them within 10 days. There are some made-to-order products. Please contact us for the stock status and delivery date